Fundamental of the Week



  1. Grip
    1. Make sure bat is being held with the knuckles aligned (door knocking knuckles)
      1. i. Drill – have players show how bat is to be held with knuckles lined up
    2. Stride-Balance
      1. Short Stride (down and forward)
        1. i. Drill – dry stride only
          1. Check balance (heels should be free)
          2. Make sure weight not too far forward
        2. ii. Drill – dry stride and jump
          1. Player should be able to jump vertically without lowering himself
  • iii. Drill – palm fence
    1. Check movement
      1. Hands against fence/stride forward
    2. Leverage
      1. Delivered from back foot – field goal kicker
        1. i. Dill – dry strides (down, stride, turn and rock)
        2. ii. Drill – throwing
          1. Stance with ball in top hand
          2. Go through stride and throw ball with elbow in arm slot
  • iii. Drill - Self toss (may do in lines)
    1. Check balance position and cover after player hit ball
  1. Arm Action
    1. Elbows down and in/keep hands in
      1. i. Drill – lead arm
        1. My be hard for young kids – smaller bat needed
        2. Short toss to player and have them swing with one hand (lead arm). Barrell above hands until elbow gets to belly button.
      2. ii. Drill – bottom arm
        1. Same as above using bottom hand
          1. Make sure elbow doesn’t get too far away from body
        2. Put Swing Together
          1. Drills
            1. i. Line drills with wiffle balls
              1. Coach throws from one knee to hitter
            2. ii. Tee work if available
  • iii. Hitting groups
    1. Hitters/fielders

Fundamental of the Week: Pitching


Grip ball with two fingers across the seams
Can grip ball across the wide seams or narrow seams. Practice
i. Rotate ball in hand until you find the seams.


Head stays in the center of the pitchers body the pitchers head should not be to far in front, behind or left/right (tilt) through the delivery.
Glove should be out in front and chin should go to the glove. Glove hand should not swim out to the side. Practice
· Two Knee Drill-throw to a partner or fence on two knees. Work on keeping the head in the middle of the body with the glove out front.

· One Knee Drill-same princples as the Two Knee Drill. Bring throwing arm to opposite knee when finishing.


Arch of foot is even with big toe of pivot foot.
Turn pivot foot and lift leg to waist.
When leg lifts, arms lift but mitt doesn’t go higher then pitchers chin.
We want to try to get down the hill as far as possible and as quick as possible.
Elbows should stay equal and opposite throughout the delivery. Practice
· Line Work

a. Clock Stance

b. Dry Pivot

1. Work on the proper way to pivot by having pitchers get the throwing position without a ball.

c. Have pitchers throw into fence from the lines.

· Crow Hops and Throw

a. Pitchers place left foot (1 foot) behind rubber and right foot (2 feet) behind rubber. Push up forward with left foot and drive with right foot (for right hand pitcher).

· Excellerated Walk Behinds

a. For right hand pitcher, start from side position with elbows equal and opposite and glove in front. Right foot moves behind left foot as quick as possible and explode to the plate.

Ø Teaching points to look for:

· Check to see if head stays in the center of body during delivery

a. If the head tilts left or right the ball will be inside or outside.

· Glove should stay in front of body with equal and opposite elbows.

a. Ball will be high or low depending on glove position.

Draw a line down the center of the mound. The left foot (for right hand pitcher) shouldn’t cross over that line.

Softball Pitching Fundamentals


Grip the ball on the “C” with three fingers
Grip the ball with the pads of your fingers on the stitches

The Pitch

Start with both feet on mound-right foot in front, left slightly behind

Hands are apart before the pitch
Bring hands together to begin wind-up
As your pitching arm comes foward, so does your glove arm and left foot
Glove hand stops parallel to the ground
Keep pitching arm straight
Windmill goes right past ear and right past hip
When arm reaches hip, release the ball and snap your wrist
After releasing the ball, follow through straight up to shoulder by snapping your wrist and elbow


If the ball is going too high—the ball is being released too late
If the ball is too low---the ball is being released to soon
If the ball is inside or outside:
§ Make sure to step straight toward home plate

Make sure the arm stays straight and passes right next to the ear and right next to the hip

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